Recognition and grace to my grandmother, the architect, my mother and father, the engineers, and their love of beauty that gave birth to the artist inside me. Through their school of thought I learned to see perfection ubiquitously – in architecture, flowers, the clouds, people. The beauty my eyes capture amid the chaos of everyday life, I bring to light in my art. Music and colors intertwine to help me to create a vision full of color and musical clarity. Ever since I first held a brush, I understood how powerful of a tool it was for making what I saw a reality. I was so eager to learn how to bring perfection to each and every stroke that it was difficult to let it rest. Preserving what I saw became an obsession. Sometimes I think I may be hiding from the perils of real life, avoiding real people. But no, it is simply how I embrace the realities of my life that much more. I know that it is hard to love all that surrounds us, but I hope I can share fragments of my visions to those who do not see the world as I do, and if I am able to capture some part that shines and transfer it to people who see the small things as trivial, then I am happy.

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